The Innkeeper Georgia Tate-DNA & Core Belief Work  
Location: Murray, UT
Georgia has a Masters in Reiki and has been trained in DNA 2 (genetic and core belief), Theta healing, Reflexology, Kineisiology, Aromatherapy, and Rain Drop Therepy. Using her talents with integrity, Georgia gives others the opportunity to feel the healing essence of their life. Working in the expanded Theta brainwave state is the backbone of her practice, as it allows for immediate transformation of patterns, reconnection to the grid, and what has been reported as miraculous healing.
Supersonic Car wash Utah
The Innkeeper Supersonic Car Wash-Utah's Finest Car Wash For 50 years!  
2 Locations:
OREM-367 North State Street
PROVO-1625 N orth 200 West

Utah's finest car wash for more nearly 50 years. Supersonic Car Wash is locally owned and operated.
Union Square Eye Car Utah
The Innkeeper Union Square Eye Care  

Location: 650 E. Union Square Sandy, UT
Contact: 801-572-3937

Eye exams, eye glasses and contact lenses.